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Zen Ambient creator and multi-percussionist and producer Ralph Cree talks us through some of the instruments included in the new Zen Ambient Vol 2 hang drum sample collection.
Ralph Cree has been performing Drums, World Percussion and Piano since 1991. He has a degree in World Music from the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) and has played with artists such as Chris Martin, Ben Waters and BiggaBush. He runs a 20 piece Samba band called ‘The Magic Drum Orchestra’; records his own solo work under the name ‘Undulus’; and plays Hang and Hammered Dulcimer in an acoustic duo with his wife Dizzi Dulcimer under the name ‘The Crees’.

About Zen Ambient Vol 2

Loopmasters present Zen Ambient 2 – a deep collection of rich, melodic sounds featuring hypnotic rhythms, natural resonances and harmonic overtones – created exclusively for Loopmasters by percussionist Ralph Cree.

A range of syncopated melodic and percussive loops are included in the pack, with fine details and lush tones aplenty – captured at 24-Bit quality. Four Incredible multi-sampled instruments are included, in addition to a host of textured one hits. Each sample is provided 100% royalty-free, making it an ideal compliment to your Chill Out, Ambient, Downtempo productions.

Zen Ambient Vol 2 Key Specs

• 2.04 GB (24Bit 44.1KHz)
• 467 Rex2 Files
• 7 Soft Sampler Patches


• 145 Hang Loops
• 62 Halo Loops
• 50 Drum & Perc Loops
• 32 Rammerdrum Loops
• 31 Sansula Loops


• 22 Piano Loops
• 17 Guitar Loops
• 11 Sax Loops
• 6 Bass Loops
• 5 Hammered Dulcimer Loops
• 4 String Loops
• 2 Pad & Atmos Loops

Other FX

• 11 Field Recordings
• 5 Fx
• 2 Free Tempo Atmos

Multi Instruments

• 1 Halo Multi
• 2 Hang Drum Multis
• 1 Rammerdrum Multi
• 4 Kong Kits

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