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Dusty Gems Lofi Serum

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Throughout the golden age of early ‘90s sample-based hip hop, we heard 1970s vintage keyboard sounds re-sampled from vinyl down to 12-bit. Then, more recently, reframed again through the ambient lens of lo-fi study beats.
This Serum-focused pack pulls inspiration from all three eras while paying tribute to heavily sampled artists like Bill Withers, the Delfonics, and Donny Hathaway and influence from ambient keyboard innovators such as Erik Satie, Joe Hisaishi, and Harold Budd. The result is a Serum pack like no other heard before on Splice. This collection is a little rougher around the edges, grittier, and more experimental than your average lo-fi preset pack.

The melodic stacks in this pack contain two instrumental elements, each with additional layering possibilities and recombinations available where they share the first three letters, such as in the Farallon/Faroe composition.

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