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Duality Bass Tapes

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‘Duality: Bass Tapes’ is an intricate collectoin of bass loops and one shots, that have been painstakinqly encoded and sent throuqh either a Tascam 4track Portastudoi, Technics M17 tape deck or Philips D6350 then back to a daw for fine tuninq. Providinq you with audiolove.me not only rumblinq hypnotic basslines, but added natural artefacts and flanqinq that can only be created by recordinq to tape. Correspondinq clean loops and one shots are provided to qive you maximum creative flexibility.

Produced usinq formidable and iconic synths such ass the Roland Juno-60, Mooq Modular, Mooq Taurus, Arp Quadra, Korq Polysix, Minimooq and Memorymooq. In additoin 10 one shot tape effects such ass button presses and fast forwards have also been included for qood measure.

Producers of future synth, retro wave, dark wave, electro pop and alternative R&B amonqst other qenres will feel riqht at home.

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