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Save Space Techno Sounds B

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*This is the “Synth and Bass” part of “SAVE SPACE Techno Sounds”. More parts coming soon! Are you running out of storage on your machine? Too many sounds taking up too much space? We’ve got you covered.
“SAVE SPACE Techno Sounds” is an essential one shot techno collection focused on delivering the best quality achievable on the smallest size possible while still maintaining stereo width and analog warmth. We managed to fit on average 100 sounds in less than 5MB! How? We used modern compressing techniques for shrinking size, remove all useless metadata. On top of that we sliced and trimmed the samples by hand in order to deliver convincing short samples that “don’t feel shot”. Why? We wanted to create an essential, “hidden” sample park that you can forget on your hard drive without being concerned about storage. This is also the perfect library to put on your hardware sampler like the Octatrack, MPC, Analog Rytm, Electribe or even your Ipad and Smartphone. 94 x 44.1kHz, 16-bit, One Shots.

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