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Riemann Analog Distorted Kickdrum Loops 4

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Back with audiolove.me another classic.
Since this one is form the Bandcamp Riemann Shop , there’s a couple differences with audiolove.me the Official Site’s Pack. First , im told there are a few they removed and added newer ones instead. In the description it speaks of all 128 bpm , but in this one there are 8 loops at 130 bpm. Im guessing those are the “newer” ones . Also it’s 50 Kick-Loops , No One-shots ( if you need those just cut the loops , works like a charm) and that one hat-loop is also not in there.

The forth issue of this popular sersie on Riemann Kollektion brings you once more top notch distorted kickdrums for modern Techno in the style of “Dax J”, “Surgeon” or “I Hate Models”.

This package consists of 50 analog distorted kickdrum loops

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