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Rapp Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lofi Pack

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Unleash your secret guitar weapon with these loops played by a professional session guitarist using a PRS electric guitar, Maton acoustic guitar and Italian handmade classical guitar.

This is a beautiful guitar pack, specifically geared for hip hop, trap and lofi genres, with great RnB crossover appeal.

Known for their versatile sound, the PRS electric guitar parts will be a great starter or addition to your grooves.

While the handmade Maton acoustic guitar parts will add that ‘special sound’ to your track.

High end studio gear and stereo miking technique, helped capture each performance.
Both the Wet and dry stems are included and they are all labeled with tempo from 81 to 100 bpm as well as key.

As an added bonus, we’ve included some drum grooves from one of our drum sample packs!

Product Details:

• Key and Tempo Labelled
• Dry/Wet

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