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Noisia Sample Pack Vol.2

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Noisia Sample Pack Vol.2 is the final installment from Noisia. We got so much excellent sample content from them that we had to split it into two separate volumes.

Inside, you’ll find Noisia’s incredible sounds waiting for you to use in your productions or analyze the production quality of the samples created by one of Drum & Bass and Bass Music’s most significant acts.

Notes from Noisia:

We’ve done something we’ve never done before. We put together a Noisia sample pack. These samples span more than 20 years of making sounds. It’s crazy for us to share all this material because it comes from unfinished Noisia songs. But, on the other hand, many of them are so good we wish we’d used them. But because Noisia is coming to an end, now is the time to share these samples. As you would probably expect, it consists of many bass, drums, and other elements, from modular complexities to funny accidents to strange atmospheric textures. We hope these sounds inspire you to create.

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