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Ohio-based sound designer, technical artist, and developer bio has a knack for pseudo-natural sounds.
Purveyor of scene-staple sample packs, frequent collaborator of Moment-alums tracey brakes and DJ Re:Code, and treasured resident of online music-community goop house, bio has an elemental sound omnipresent in the internet music ecosystem. Bio’s specialization in imitation of natural and tactile sounds using off-the-wall synthesis sets her apart from her peers: rather than larger-than-life, abrasive textures, bio’s sights are set toward the little things.

‘echo glen’ is a haven lost to time, swallowed by overgrown flora. You may find microscopic melodies, the calls of friendly creatures, or the loose percussive grooves of insect chatter. Foraged from living material and transcribed precisely with synthetic tools, the sonic result is the unpredictability of nature distilled into digital perfection.

In an unpublished excerpt based on her time in echo glen, bio writes: “The stone, whose ornate carvings now pressed into her skin, shone a pale grey against the damp moss and undergrowth about this place. A din of scintillating calls and songs and stridulating animated the moist air; she thought, perhaps in lieu of some expected stillness, it was strange not to feel like a visitor, but more like a voyeur. She looked to the stone, it stared back blankly and the angel wondered if being forgotten needed somebody to do the forgetting.”

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