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Junkyard Percussion Vol.3

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Junkyard Percussion Vol3 – (28 Drills Later) by Midi Error is the final part in Junkyard trilogy featuring a whole toolbox of household items being intentionally used and abused purely for audio pleasure.

We return to the scene of the crime with Mr Error who by now looks not dissimilar to Jack Nicholson in The Shining, hovering over the burnt out remains of 28 Bosch GSB 1600 RE’s, his evil grin says it all and with a blood curdling scream he yells out “Its Hammer Time!”

Junkyard Percussion Vol.3 features a brand new palate of tortured tools and beaten up household items including a Cement Machine, Shredders, Plastic Boxes, White Goods, Drums, Cymbals, Nut Boxes and much more that can be used as interesting ear candy in just about any production imaginable and will work especially well in any Cinematic production.

Featuring a blistering collection of 1521 One Shot samples using implements made from Plastic, Metal, Glass, Wood all seriously abused and meticulously sampled in 24Bit quality.

Also included in this collection Midi Error has also created 101 inspirational rhythmic beats using the single sounds in tempos ranging from 90 to 175 BPM

In Detail expect to find 1.16GB of 24Bit Loops and One Shot sounds including 101 Percussion Loops, 491 Household Percussion Sounds, 7 Brush Sounds, 5 Cement Machine Noises, 137 Claps, 19 Misc Sounds, 32 Music box Noises, 52 Nut Box Sounds, 100 Ripping Sounds, 28 Shredder Noises, 13 Stove Hits, 9 White Goods Sounds, 4 Wire Cutter Noises, 14 Chimes, 19 Hung Cymbal Sounds, 30 Mouth Spring Hits, 26 Plinkstrument Sounds, 9 Small Cymbals, 65 Big Drums, 66 Clay Drums, 49 Res Drums, 257 Tambourine Hits, 55 Small Drum Sounds, 216 Shaker Sounds, 5 Big Booms, 6 Big Tub Sounds, 30 Construction Noises, 41 Flask Sounds, 9 Lock Noises, 14 Metal Sounds, 13 Plastic Tub Sounds, 26 Slaps, 8 Stomps, 17 Wire Hammering Noises, 101 Rex2 Files and 71 sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz soft samplers.


24Bit 44.1KHz
101 Percussion Loops
491 Household Percussion Sounds
7 Brush Sounds
5 Cement Machine Noises
137 Claps
19 Misc Sounds
32 Music box Noises
52 Nut Box Sounds
100 Ripping Sounds
28 Shredder Noises
13 Stove Hits
9 White Goods Sounds
4 Wire Cutter Noises
14 Chimes
19 Hung Cymbal Sounds
30 Mouth Spring Hits
26 Plinkstrument Sounds
9 Small Cymbals
65 Big Drums
66 Clay Drums
49 Res Drums
257 Tambourine Hits
55 Small Drum Sounds
216 Shaker Sounds
5 Big Booms
6 Big Tub Sounds
30 Construction Noises
41 Flask Sounds
9 Lock Noises
14 Metal Sounds
13 Plastic Tub Sounds
26 Slaps, 8 Stomps
17 Wire Hammering Noises
101 Rex2 Files
71 Sampler Patches

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