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Impackt A Moment Expansion Pack

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Moment Expansion Packs are back to fill in the gaps in your sample folder. Our first installment, Riser Stars, already rose to staple-status with MO_XP1_fx_fall_hihat_slip.wav becoming one of the top risers on Splice. So that got us thinking: what other everyday samples have gone stale? What can we do to really make an impact?

Well, maybe we can’t, but 0khz, L.Cie, and Milkfish can. We challenged these 3 all-star producers to reinvent and revitalize the duds in your impact folder. Moment alum 0khz is a prolific audio experimentalist, abusing digital signal processing and software to mangle dance music beyond its limit. L.Cie is an Austin-based sonic seamstress, weaving intricate textures into haunting melodies. She’s known for electrifying live sets and her work as part of the band Limbo, and has an upcoming solo EP this fall. While much about Milkfish is unknown, she’s been around since the early days of Moment, and is a heralded mashupmonger and death-defying DJ (as seen in scene-defining, CDJ-defiling Boiler Room set).

This pack is 163 samples and even 4 MIDI files of high-impact heavy hitters. Sub drops, stomps, punches, explosions, car crashes, vocal impacts, tonal impacts, startups, shutdowns, ui sounds, impact loops. For every bar in your next song, trailer, game, or tiktok edit: we made an impact—so you don’t have to.

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