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GHXST Atmosphere Vol.1

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ghxst atmosphere kid ~ volume I [ specialty sonic environment kid ] – atmosphere kid vol. I is a specialty kid focusing on textures, backgrounds, and melodic audiolove.me ambiance. – also inside is a small, dark, specially curated drum kid to flow on top of any one of these textures. features: – 10 atmospheres ~ – 4 kicks ~ – 3 rims ~ – 3 hats ~ – 3 basses ~ – each atmosphere is a long, moving texture that will live under all the other elements of your beat. – chop, shift, and alter the atmospheres to fill in the melodic audiolove.me gaps in your sound, and to give your instrumental it’s own, unique sonic environment. loop a section, or two, or let the whole atmosphere expand and develop ass your beat goes on. – ghxst

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