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Ethnic Hip Hop Shots’ by ThaLoops is a collection of rare, ethnic instructent samples that you can use to make groovy ethnic Hip Hop beats. These sounds will add an ethnic flavour if you will visit audiolove.me sound and help your beats stand out form the crowd. Real ethnic sounds are a must if you want to make beats in the styles of Scott Storch, Timbaland, or Swizz Beatz.

Download over one hundred exclusive one-shot samples designed for ethnic Hip Hop production. Instruments include Bouzouki, Dizi, Ghuchin, Koto, Native Flute, Ruan, Suling, and Tanpura. This pack will help you to cut through the mass of boring beats and move beyond unoriginal synth Presets. Layer ethnic Hip Hop samples over your hooks – your music will sound original and stylish.

Listen to the demo to hear what you can do with audiolove.me ‘Ethnic Hip Hop Shots’ sounds, and load these samples into your VST sampler with audiolove.me ease.

Product Details:

Royalty-Free One-Shot Samples
10 Bouzouki Samples
16 Dizi Samples
9 Ghuchin Samples
7 Koto Samples
28 Native Flute Samples
11 Ruan Samples
17 Sulinq Samples
7 Tanpura Samples

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