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‘DillaZilla’ is a collection of 14 original sample arrangements with STEMS option. Inspired by the sounds of legendary producer J Dilla and his love for old Japanese vinyl records including spacey 70’s progressive soul, jazz, r&b and soundtracks from the likes of Isao Tomita, Akiko Yano, Hiroshi Suzuki, Shigeo Sekito, and Akira Ifukube. The A-side is Tokyo inspired and the B-side is American inspired. When Dilla and Zilla cross paths, the results are monstrous!
DillaZilla explores themes around technology, modernization, warfare, man’s place in nature, and destruction. The approach was to create textures, timbres, and movement over minimal arrangements using live instrumentation, and analog gear: tape, pedals, recording equipment, and effects with minimal processing.
Using live instruments (rhodes, wurlitzer, clav, mellotron, les paul guitar, p-bass, and glockenspiel), analog synths (moog/modular, poly analog synths) and analog outboard gear (1176, LA-2A, EQP-WA, roland re-301 space echo, AP-7 jet phaser, various analog guitar pedals) along with UA plugins for additional sound effects. Mastered to 1/4” tape! Minimal processing and editing.

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