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Comfort Collage An Oakscreen Moment

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oakscreen is a 23 year old experimental electronic songwriter that has worked with 8485, lieu, and blackwinterwells as both a producer and a vocalist. Equally drawing inspiration from algorithmic art and forest moss, his music combines aspects of folk, noise, and pop into a resulting sonic landscape that feels like broken light beams coming in through a dusty window.
During a brief meeting in the void, we asked the wanderer about his new ‘Comfort Collage’ sample pack. “I started with a lot of the sounds that I frequently use in my songs, broke them into pieces and then put them back together.” Muffled through layers of woolen shawl, he continues, “I’ve always been obsessed with things that feel warm, pretty, and flawed and that’s exactly what I’ve tried to capture within this pack.”
‘Comfort Collage’ unearths today on Splice Sounds, ready to fill your productions with organic rhythms, ethereal atmospheres, and a faint memory of lullaby melodies packaged in a unique and essential audio multitool that blurs the line between digital and analog.

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