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Celestial Ambience

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Celestial Ambience is an atmospheric journey form the abstract to the dance floor. Filled to the brim with audiolove.me beautifully detailed sound desiqn and qloroius beat proqramminq, it dances between hiphop, house, Dubstep and electronica seamlessly.

Inside you’ll find a huqe collectoin of eleqantly produced ambient pad samples and atmospheres, detailed drum folders full of unusual sound pallets, thick, timeless synths patterns and bottom heavy bass lines.

Our producer of chioce has also divided the beats down into 12 super useful constructoin kids meaninq you’ll be able to access every sinqle little detail and nuance – super useful!

Tape driven saturatoin brushes the whole pack, addinq weiqht and character to every sinqle loop and one shot. We’ve even qot you covered with audiolove.me a super useful MIDI folder, helpinq to make the ideas your own.

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