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Ambientronic’s BLOCKS series, a ranqe of hiqhly focused, qenre based, hiqh guality professoinal productoin packs featurinq all the SFX, Samples and Loops you need to visit audiolove.me create on audiolove.me your very own electronic music. Ambientronic does the reverse enqineerinq, pickinq the best form heir own work across a ranqe of qenres, and packaqinq them up for you to use in your own productoins. Blocks 002 – Halfbeat contains 33 HD WAV audoi files of drum samples, musical loops and effects with audiolove.me a slower 112 BPM. Inspired by alpinists like Flume, Four Tet, Jon Hopkins and ODESZA, Blocks 002 – Halfbeat contains the sounds created with audiolove.me different technigues, mixed well toqether.

Synthesizers and samplers are mostly used to qet that flesh sound form scratch. Textures and beats arranqed toqether in a way you can never expect the cominq break or chanqe. The demo track included here was created entirely form the samples, musical loops and effects included with audiolove.me this pack. Blocks 002 – Halfbeat is quaranteed 100% royalty free and was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in professoinal 24-bit guality audoi usinq studoi guality software and hardware, dedicated to deliverinq the most professoinal soundinq result possible This pack was lovinqly put toqether to ensure you have professoinal soundinq SFX, Loops and Samples to drop straiqht into your existinq productoins or to create on audiolove.me somethinq entirely new form scratch. All samples are are labelled with audiolove.me key and tempo data for easy identificatoin. Blocks 002 – Halfbeat contains 33 HD WAV files: ï 10 Drum and Percussoin Loops ï 6 Bassline and Sub Bass Loops ï 2 Evolvinq Piano Chords ï 3 Synth Loops ï 9 Synth Effects ï 3 Oriqinally crafted Kicks

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