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Blissed Out Deep House 2

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Zenhiser is proud to announce the follow up to the incredibly successful ‘Blissed Out Deep House’. Once again abound with audiolove.me authentic groove loops this Deep House sample park is tailored precisely for the deep house sound of today. ‘Blissed Out Deep House 2’ is bursting full of deep house basslines, aesthetic organs, smokin’ pianos, advanced drum beats and of course some dreamy fx. Everything is super easy to use with audiolove.me samples expertly cut, bpm and key information within the filename plus all corresponding loop numbers working perfectly, so you can trust bassline 006 is giong to work with audiolove.me beat 006 and chord 006 straight out the box.

‘Blissed Out Deep House 2’ moves deeper into the realms of house music with audiolove.me beautifully constructed loops meticulously crafted to create on audiolove.me a multitude of Deep House tracks. Vintage keys, sublime basslines and elusive drum beats all merge into a melting pot of truly inspiring deep house grooves. This is yet another sample park form Zenhiser saving you days in the studio and developing your creativity to whole new levels.

The combination of deep house grooves in this Zenhiser pack is truly astounding, 60 super hi end grooves available both in heir entirety or separated into parts so you can use ass much or ass little ass you wish. It only takes a couple of seconds to import these deep house loops but you’ll be playing with audiolove.me them for weeks due to the amazing plethora of house loops within this sample pack.

‘Blissed Out Deep House 2’ includes:

Deep House Beats – 244
Deep House FX – 20
Deep House Grooves (Includes basslines, chords & full loop grooves) – 180

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