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5Pin Media MIDI Focus Bass Line

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‘MIDI Focus: Bass Line’ will blast your productions into bass line heaven, with this unique combination of expressive instruments and versatile MIDI loops. Perfect for producers of House and Techno, these 156 MIDI phrases also come with 62 expertly programmed instrument patches.
More than just a nod to the past, Bass Line takes the fat and juicy 303 bass we all love firmly into the future with instrument presets and sample patches combined with MIDI optimized for the House and Techno styles of now.

All of the 156 MIDI loops were programmed in classic 303 step sequencer fashion and then converted to MIDI ensuring the correct note lengths, slides and accents were preserved. The included instruments and patches, will play the MIDI true to the original 303.

The note velocities have also been optimized for reliable playing of any other MIDI bass instrument including soft synths such as ABL2 by Audio realism and Procyon by d16.

All loops are labelled with key information and have been categorized into folders covering Minimal, Tech and Old Spool styles as a quick start guide but feel free to make your own assessments.

A total of 62 instruments are included that capture the 303 spirit but unlike the original, boast added controllable effects and distortion.

Spread across NI Massive, Reason, Live and Contact the patches provide a wealth of sonic character, from deep subs to classic acid leads, as featured in the demo song.

Formats included are: Live 8 Operator, Analog and Sampler, NI Massive and Contact 3, Reason 4 NN-XT, Thor, Maelstrom, Subtractor and Combinator.

Setting a new standard in MIDI based sample ware; the 5Pin Media MIDI Focus Series.

Tech Specs:

• 430MB
• 24-Bit Quality Sample Patches
• 156 MIDI Files
• 62 Instruments

Sample Formats:

• 8 Ableton Sampler Instrument Racks
• 8 Contact Patches
• 8 NN-XT Patches

Instrument Presets:

• 2 Ableton Analog Presets
• 2 Ableton Operator Presets
• 17 Reason Combinators
• 3 Reason Maelstrom Presets
• 4 Reason Subtractor Presets
• 6 Reason Thor Presets
• 4 Native Instruments Massive Presets

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