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Become part of audiosed & earn $0.003 for each download you get.

You have the opportunity to earn money for each download of your samples, presets, and MIDI files on our platform. By creating high-quality sounds, you can generate unlimited income with us. Joining is free of charge, and we do not require any payment from you.

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You will receive a set rate of $0.003 for each download, with no variations, and we do not deduct any fees from your earnings, allowing you to keep 100% of your income.

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Please send us your impressive work from before the virus outbreak. If you don’t have that, then kindly provide us with your new sample pack along with your complete details, including social media accounts and official website if available. Once you have submitted all the necessary information, we will create a creator account for you. This account will allow you to log in, upload your content, and monitor your earnings and other activities.

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