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Audiosed 1.1 Update Release

We are pleased to inform you that the latest version of Audiosed, version 1.1, is now accessible for download. This update includes various enhancements and bug fixes. Additionally, new features have been incorporated into the software.


  • Drag & Drop Bug (FIXED)

The issue where users were required to navigate to the “My Downloads” or “Previous Page” in order to enable drag and drop functionality for the recently downloaded sample has been resolved. Now, you can download the sample and simultaneously drag and drop it into your DAW without any inconvenience.


  •  BPM & Key Tab Vocals Tab (FIXED)

The BPM & Key tab was previously unavailable in the vocals tab, but now it is accessible and ready for use. Feel free to utilize these tabs to locate the desired BPM and keys.


  • BPM & Key Showing Same For All Vocals & Midis (FIXED)

We have resolved the issue where BMP and KEY were being displayed for every vocal or midi. Users will now receive accurate and precise information.


  • Audiosed Freezes Bug (FIXED)

The issue of users experiencing audio freezes, particularly when attempting to resize the window while listening to a sample or downloading, has been resolved.


  • Vocals Downloading Bug (FIXED)

The issue of users being unable to download the vocals from Audiosed has been resolved, as they were often greeted with a popup indicating that the HTML file had been fixed.


  • Download Cancelled From Audiosed Bug (FIXED)

Even after canceling the Audiosed download, it is still in progress. The issue has been resolved and the download will stop immediately.


  • Midi Download & Drag Drop Bug (FIXED)

Users encounter no problems when attempting to download and drag and drop MIDI files from Audiosed to Paino Proll.


  • Remove Downloads Bug (FIXED)

The issue with removing downloaded files has been resolved, allowing users to delete unwanted samples, vocals, presets, and midis according to their preferences.


  • Downloads Previews 

We have recently introduced a new functionality that allows users to play downloaded samples directly from their local computer. This means that downloaded samples will now load instantly with just one click, without any delay.


  • Vocals Tab Moved

We have now moved the Vocals tab. The new replacements are Samples, Vocals, Presets, and Midis.


  • My Downloads 

We have recently made changes to the download list, so now the latest downloads will appear at the top when you access the “My Downloads” tab.


  • Subscription page & Plans Text Replacement 

We have now replaced some of the text on the subscription page and plans with the following new text.

Plans pricing 

Artist $7.99/Week

Artist Plus $14.99/Month

Pro-Studio $29.99/Month


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